EPA/UC Davis MC study shows microfiber picks up 99% of the bacteria on a surface compared to cotton at 30%

Microfiber can clean with just water alone requiring less harsh and lower strength chemicals for the tougher jobs

With over 180,000+ fibers per square inch, it’s softer than the finest silk yet extremely durable. Microfiber will not scratch like cotton and paper towels can.

Microfiber does not break down in the washer and dryer like cotton. It’s lint free. Microfiber cloths have a lifespan 10x that of cotton cloths and 10+x for mops.

Cotton requires over 5,000 gallons of water to produce about 2 pounds of cotton; enough to make a single T-shirt and pair jean. Very little water is used in the production of microfiber.

Microfiber requires less drying time & temperature which saves gas and electricity.

Superior Performance: 

  • Microfiber has a molecular attraction to oil & grease unlike cotton
  • Microfiber absorbs 7 - 10x its weight in water out performing cotton
  • Dry microfiber attracts dust & pet hair through static cling
  • Cotton “pushes” dirt whereas microfiber picks up and holds particles within its fibers

Bob Peters of Bob's Got Skills
 and Experience Glass of Carlsbad, California are just two examples out of thousands of local San Diego area businesses that recommend microfiber cleaning materials on the job site.

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