Healthcare Hygienic & Sustainable Cleaning Protocol for Flat Mop Use


  1. Place Microfiber Wet Mop Pads in a bucket.


  1. Put in chemical cleaner, dilute to specifications.



  1. Put Bucket on Cart and go to a Room to be mopped.

  2. Arrive at room or area to be cleaned


  1. Disinfect hands and Put on Clean Rubber Gloves.


  1. Take mop pad from the bucket, roll up and wring out.  Microfiber Wet Mop pads work best moist


  1. Put Mop pad on floor, white side up and place aluminum mop head onto mop pad.


  1. Proceed to mop the floor in an “S” fashion.


  1. When Finished Wet mopping floor in current room, remove soiled pad from holder.


  1. Place soiled pad in laundry bag on cart and proceed to net room with cart.


  1. Repeat steps 4-15 for each room to be cleaned.


  1. At end of shift cover bucket, put cart with bucket in storage area


  1. Next shift take arrive at cart with bucket, place additional Microfiber pads in bucket as needed


  1. Add additional diluted cleaner as needed.


  1. Go to step 4 and proceed again



NOTE:  Microfiber Wet Mop Pads work BEST just moist.

If there are wet streaks on the floor when using, the pad is too wet or too dirty.









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