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LEFT: Escalator Handrail Cleaning Tool (3:51 mins.)     RIGHT: ADA & Other Handrails Cleaning Tool (1:41 mins.)


Handrails are known to harbor bacteria and viruses and therefore need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the health and safety of users,

especially children, the elderly, and others who may be immuno-compromised.


·         Microfiber pads have been proven in an independent study to remove bacteria, providing a cleaner and safer surface for the public to touch

·         Increases worker's productivity, safety and ease of cleaning handrails

·         Little training is needed to expertly clean and condition the dirtiest of escalator handrails

·         Relies solely on the power of the escalator to facilitate the cleaning action (no outside power source needed)

      ·         No need to shutdown the escalator during the cleaning process as only one rail is cleaned at a time


·        EPA/UC Davis MC study shows microfiber picks up 99% of the bacteria on a surface compared to cotton at 30%


·        Microfiber can clean with just water alone requiring less harsh and lower strength chemicals for the tougher jobs



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 What are microfiber mops? These mops consist of a lightweight handle with a very maneuverable flat rectangular head. A microfiber pad attaches to the mop head with velcro. In a typical application, fresh microfiber pads are placed to soak in a basin of cleaning solution on the cleaning cart. In each room, a clean cloth is taken from the basin, hand wrung out, dropped flat on the floor and the mop head is placed on it. The velcro attaches the cloth to the mop, which is then ready for use.

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