TALK ABOUT INGENIOUS....Handrail Cleaning Made Easy!

Thomsen's Escalator Handrail Cleaning System (3:22)

Handrails are known to harbor bacteria and viruses and therefore need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the health and safety of users, especially children, the elderly, and others who may be immuno-compromised. Thomsen's cleaning systems use Microfiber pads, which have been proven in independent studies to remove bacteria, to provide cleaner and safer surface's for the public.


  • Little training is needed to expertly clean & condition the dirtiest of escalator handrails
  • Relies solely on the power of the escalator to facilitate the cleaning action (no outside power source needed)
  • No need to shutdown the escalator during the cleaning process as only one rail is cleaned at a time

Here are two PDFs with more information on the Thomsen's product line:

Thomsen's Handrail Cleaning Systems 



Thomsens Escalator Handrail Cleaning Systems

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